Believes in the Oneness of God

“And your God is One God; there is no God but He, the Gracious, the Merciful.”
Holy Qur’an, 2:164.

A distinctive feature of Islam is that it addresses itself to the whole of mankind. Previous religions only addressed a particular people in a particular time. Islam however is the summit of religious evolution, and addresses itself to every nation on Earth, in whatever era they live. It is thus a unique religion in that it recognises the truth of other Prophets, such as Moses, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster and others, while recognising that over time their messages may have been misinterpreted or distorted. Islam came to restore and excel whatever truth they had, while correcting the shortcomings that had crept into them. Thus a Muslim has nothing but love and affection for other religions, as it sees them all as having emanated from the same Divine Source.